Realtor Services

Eviction Services: Using a long standing relationship with local law enforcement we will set up a time and a date with local constables to serve the writ of possession. We will handle all moving of debris and personal items at the direction of law enforcement. A complete lock change service is part of our eviction process
CFK: Cash for keys are handled with discretion. From initial contact to inspection of property prior to check release. No funds are given if property is not in required condition.
Initial Secure and Lock Boxes: Lock Boxes- your property can be secured in 48 hours with a custom coded lock box including keys. Photos of property are also provided.
Trash Out Bid Sales Cleans: Debris is removed per client instructions and disposed of at licensed landfills. Dump receipts are provided as needed and archived for audit. Hazardous wastes such as paint and oil are collected and recycled using local processing companies. Tires are recycled by local processors and not landfilled.
BPO Photos: Don’t have time to get the photos? Let us take them for you during our initial securing or trash out bids. Room dimensions and other MLS Data, can be provided upon request.
Pool Maintenance: Monthly and weekly pool services are available in certain locations. Draining, acid washing, and refilling pools as a onetime service prior to closing can also be provided. Pricing depends on size, location, and severity.