Conveyance Orders: Full HUD Conveyance services customized  to your clients needs: debris removal, securing, winterizations, roof repairs, all include PCR and estimates with 48 hour turn around
Board Ups and ReSecures to FHA-VA and Conventional Standards: Windows and Doors are boarded per HUD guidelines. Bolt boarding is always used unless  otherwise requested. Painted PDX plywood is our standard material. Pricing is determined by size and location of windows. Doors can also be boarded or secured with temporary plywood door/ hinge/ padlock combination for easy entry. Overhead garage doors can also be boarded..
Rekeying to all codes and Lock Changes: We carry all common key codes for HUD, FHA, VA and conventional properties. Deadbolts, Knob locks and padlocks with common codes are used per your instruction. We have one site key making for custom key codes.
Eviction Services: Using a long standing relationship with local law enforcement we will setup a time and date  with local constables to serve the writ of possession. We will handle all moving of debris and personal items at the direction of law enforcement. A complete lock change service is part of our eviction process.
Lock Boxes installed and coded to specifications: Your property can be secured in  48 hours with a custom coded lock box including keys. Photos of property are also provided..
Cash for Keys with Inspection of Property: Cash for keys are handled as required. From initial contact to inspection of property prior to check release. No funds are given if property is not in broom swept condition.
Clean-outs, Trash outs and Debris removal services: Debris is removed per client instructions and disposed of at licensed landfills. Dump receipts are provided as needed and archived for audit. Hazardous wastes such as paint and oil are collected and recycled using local processing companies. Tires are recycled by local processors and not landfilled.
Winterizations: Winterizations are completed per HUD specifications with non-toxic anti-freeze. Winterizations can also be performed year round if required.
Lawn Maintenance Grass cuts weekly and bi-weekly: Initial grass cuts are completed and clippings are removed. During the fall clean-up of leaves and branches can be done as needed. Seasonal re-cuts are priced below HUD guidelines for conventional and REO properties. Lawns can be maintained year round if required.
Tree Removal Services Tree Services: Tree services include removal of large fallen limbs, removal of entire trees either fallen or still in the ground, and trimming of limbs as necessary to prevent property damage or burden to the neighbors.
Pools pumped out and secured FHA-VA specifications: In-ground and above ground pools can be covered per HUD requirements. Covers for spas and fish ponds are also available to mitigate your liability. Safety covers or fences can be installed per your request. Above ground pools and spas can also be removed if needed.
Abandoned Cars removed: Abandoned cars are removed, stored, or processed as needed per your requests.
Roofs Tarped, repaired, or replaced: Tarps are installed per HUD guidelines using blue woven poly materials. Tarps are temporary so roofing should be repaired as soon as possible.
Complete clean-outs to FHA HUD, VA, REO and conventional Standards: Estimates can be provided for those nasty houses. Sales cleans are always bid with trash out services. Sales cleans include wet cleaning of all solid surfaces including sinks, toilets, tubs, and hard flooring, as well as vacuuming carpets, and sweeping out garages. Crews are equipped with generators and water supplies if needed but it is preferred for the electricity and water to be on if possible.
Mitigation Services from violations, and Summons of Municipalities: Our partnership with a licensed exterminator allows for a quick turnaround. Exterminations for roaches, ants, rodents, bees, termites, and other pests. WDI reports are also available for a fee.
Fire and Police Reports: Meet with local officials or law enforcement to complete any necessary documentation, or filings as per requests.
Structural: Engineering reports foundation repairs,  and code review, Mold, hazard clearance, testing and certificates.
Exterminations: Our partnership with a licensed exterminator allows for a quick turnaround. Exterminations for roaches, ants, rodents, bees, termites, and other pests. WDI reports are also available for a fee.