Emergency Services

Securing: We carry all common key codes for HUD, FHA, VA and conventional properties. Deadbolts, knob locks, and padlocks with common codes are used per your instruction.
Board Ups and ReSecures to FHAVA and Conventional Standards: After a fire or other disaster call us to secure and contain your property. We are on call 24 hours for those clients with an account. All materials are kept in stock at our shop for quick install.
Emergency Debris Removal: Debris is removed per client instructions and disposed of at licensed landfills. Dump receipts are provided as needed and archived for audit. Hazardous wastes such as paint and oil are collected and recycled using local processing companies. Tires are recycled by local processors and not landfilled.
Restoration Service: Water extraction from carpet; install dehumidifiers, removal of wet and damaged materials. Let us also supply a bid to replace your flooring, sheet rocks, and base boards.
Odor Treatment: Generator and an ozone machines are available to help rid properties of the smells that can be offensive. Odors from dead animals or biocontaminants can be mitigated with ozone treatments.